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Being successful also means, to be responsible. And that, holds true for any national or multinational organisation. Thing is, filing your taxes is important. And, understanding that a judicious tax planning can give your organisation the added advantage over your competitors, is even more. Because, what bread is to butter, successful tax planning is to business, and investment planning. The very reason, why we integrate Corporate Tax, Distress Asset, Tax Compliance Regulatory,  Tax Consultancy & Advisory Services into our overall role as financial advisors. We work proactively on tax planning and tax analysis, and help make, both ends meet, to meet your after-tax objectives. We also work in tandem with you to boost you with the essential know how, commitment, resources, and total enterprise perspective, to help achieve your business goals. Given the complexity and multiplicity of tax filing in India, we are glad to offer you specialised compliance and regulatory services for both direct and indirect tax. We can independently take responsibility of tax filings and compliance requirements in India. Thing is, we are a team of specialists, but on a wide variety of services. Owing to a less hierarchical model, we’re able to possess transparency and honesty; a much-needed asset in this industry. From personalised advisory to offering complete accounting and tax service with equal weightage to every client, regardless of the services they ask for. From maintaining confidentiality to establishing long term relationships. From offering assistance in obtaining various registrations to offering assistance in making routine compliances. From direct and indirect tax advisory, covering tax efficient operating models to evaluation of alternate schemes. And opinions on complex matter. We do it all with a lot of pride. We fully appreciate that despite all the care, tax disputes can happen. Hence, acknowledging that tax dispute is an unavoidable devil, we are there to help you navigate through the dispute resolution process. And this involves consulting and planning the defence strategy considering the overall impact, preparing necessary ammunition and then, stand together with you to deal with the matter.



Corporate tax advisory

Opinion on complex tax issues, tax planning, review of tax strategy vis-à- vis business strategy, tax planning for mergers and acquisition, corporate reorganization, group restructuring, promoter stake enhancement & delisting, financial structuring, divestment advisory and tax due diligence.

Direct and indirect tax Compliance

Assist organizations in making tax computations, withholding tax compliances, income tax returns and other compliance matters, obtaining various registrations with tax authorities.

Tax Audits and litigation

Represent before tax authorities in relation to tax audits, support in preparation of tax litigation strategy, liaise with counsels for representation before higher level of litigation authorities.


Assistance in obtaining various registrations for non-residents such as registration with FRRO, PAN etc.

Compensation structuring from the perspective of tax efficiency

Tax computation for tax withholding, advance tax and tax filing purposes

Tax filings in India

Tax audits and litigation