Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services

Complying under the Companies Act and foreign exchange transactions regulations, our Company Secretarial Services team helps in developing strategies for multinational companies to formulate and establish a business entity in India.

Aligning with our firm’s vision, our services are spread from strategy to execution; thereby allowing us to undertake assistance in various matters such as assessing business growth, analyzing sectoral performance, assessing sectoral competition and adhering to compliances with due diligence. Our primary goal is to make the incorporation of a business setup in India an easy, efficient, and insightful process which allows you to make future-oriented informed decisions.

As we pledge to become your partner-in-growth, we help you in the alignment of your short-term business plans and the long-term vision for your organization, in India and on the global stage. We also advise on the establishment of the most ideal entity format for your firm in India so as to ensure beneficial outcomes and optimal tax strategies.

Aside from the entire scope of services needed in the incorporation of a new business in India, some of the important tasks undertaken by our Company Secretarial Services team include:

  • Transfer of registered address, including state-to-state transfers
  • Compliances related to start-up funding
  • Capital infusion and transfer of shares
  • Compliances for overseas direct investment
  • Assistance and maintenance of statutory records of the company
  • Compliances with respect to change in the management
  • Conversion of privately held companies into LLP format entities
  • Compliances for LLP companies
  • Compliances for liaison offices, branch offices, and project offices


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