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Human Resource

In the ever-evolving market, companies today are faced with the challenge of finding & attracting expert and mature talent. They find themselves in a constant need of having a highly productive and an engaged workforce.

To ensure that we have credible and motivated professionals working with us, Coinmen constantly works to enhance its employee’s effectiveness, providing them differentiated HR interventions which are tailor-made to the organization’s DNA. We strategize as per the dynamic market, business context, and the unique structure of the organization. Some of the key initiatives that we have taken to attract retain and engage our people include-

  • Finding the right fit– We aim to recruit globally; determining the most effective recruitment methods, we not only assess the technical skills of the candidate but also the aptitude, the job-fitness, potential for growth and leadership qualities. Our potential recruits are evaluated on several parameters to ensure that we have right people working at the right assignment and are completely aligned to their professional and personal success roadmap.
  • Engaging the talent– We endeavour to align our people through innovative policies that highlights the benefits as well as provide opportunities to contribute to the success and growth of the organization. Our attractive reward and recognition programs bring out the best in our people and creates a culture of performance and appreciation. Fun never ceases to be a part of the Coinmen culture and we bring lot of exciting events and offsite that facilitates a relaxed and enjoyable environment at workplace.
  • Training and Development– We aim to empower employees with the finest skills to assist them achieve their true potential. Our training and development programs have been customized to meet the individual’s and firm’s goals. We provide selective trainings, seminars, programs, feedback sessions, PMS trainings etc that are conducted internally as well at external forums.

The HR at Coinmen ensures consistency, long-term planning, stability and flexibility in its practices in order to smoothly manage the core business activities.