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As the spending potential of Indian consumers continues to rise, the demand for better technologies and more options in the automotive market has consequently boosted the growth of its supporting auto-components sector. To encourage extensive local production and the creation of international trade opportunities, the Government of India has implemented several policies that benefit the auto-component sector.


With many leading global automobile manufacturers and transportation companies entering Indian markets, there is an increasing demand for world-class components and automotive parts to support the larger ecosystem. Fueling this growth, new initiatives have been mandated by the Government for the sector’s long-term growth as well as the promotion of manufacturing components in India.

The significant potential of the auto-component sector in India can be captured in 3 key figures as:

$ 51.2 billion

Net-value as of FY 2017-18


Foreign Direct Investment permitted

10 - 25%

Lower manufacturing costs than Europe and Latin America

Leveraging our work and experience in this sector, which ranges from advisory and research to long-term financial structuring, our team with sectoral expertise on auto-components have compiled the following documents.


Auto-Components Sector in India

An overview of the sector, highlighting areas for business entry and future growth


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