Tax Consultant For Expats


The concept of expatriate taxation comes as a challenge for various companies with expatriate employees looking to relocate to India. It is considered imperative to not merely obtain the various legal/financial registrations for expats, but to involve active tax planning techniques for expatriate taxation in India.

Our team’s provision of efficient expat tax services separates us from the competition, where we go a step beyond in not just helping them get the basics but leaving no stone unturned in making their stay in India convenient.

Our team undertakes a dedicated list of expatriate tax consultancy services, some of which include:
  • Assisting in tax residency determination and helping with the necessary obligations such as obtaining a permanent account number
  • Swift registration with the FRRO for all foreign national employees
  • Assisting with Visa registrations based on purpose of stay, e.g.: Business Visa, Project Visa, etc.
  • Helping foreign nationals with respect to social security obligations in India
  • Expatriate tax preparation based on the salary structure of the expat employees
  • Assistance in obtaining the ITCC (Income Tax Clearance Certificate)
To gain further insight about expatriate taxation in India, download our free and exclusive handbook Taxation Of Expatriates In India In 2019


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