Indian Food Processing Sector

The food processing industry of India has witnessed a major growth curve in the past decade, owed to the country’s diverse consumer demographic, high demand of in urban households, and a phenomenal production capacity for export of food-based commodities.

The potential of the food processing industry in India has been realized by the public and private sector players as investments in terms of FDI as well as strong policy mandates are now working in cohesion to make the industry flourish and contribute to the country’s overall food market on a higher scale.

The Opportunity

The opportunity exists in avenues ranging from manufacturing, cold storage, processing, transport and more, with strides being made to bring in organic foods and increase crop production. Biotechnological advancements is another dormant aspect which can be rejuvenated with key investments and strategic intervention from new market entrants.

Some key factors highlighting the potential of the food processing industry in India are:

Largest food and grocery market in the world
Contribution of the food processing industry in the country’s entire food market
$0.54 billion
FDI received in food processing industry from April 2000 – March 2019

Providing an insight into the sector as well as a summary of existing opportunities, the following documents are a good starting point for international companies looking to do business in India.


Overview Of The Food Processing Sector In India

The food processing sector in India ha come a long way. From establishing a robust supply chain across various stakeholders to bringing in new technology consistently for being future-ready, there are no boundaries on how big the sector and its opportunities can be. Our research paper takes a holistic overview of the food processing scenario in India, diving deep into the sector’s contribution to the Indian economy, how foreign direct investment has impacted its growth, and how key players have shaped it to its current form. Start your journey in India’s food processing sector by using our research effort as your first checkpoint.



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